1. made from the red series, that were made from a previous series
2. based off of statements in one conversation between a painter and her friend
4. One day, I saw all the germs around me, they are all hanging out somewhere, deciding who to go to next. Or let's vote, democracy.
5. Mickey Mouse is scary as shit. no. stop. I don't want to be cool on the napkin only.
2. Mengxi and Yumei help an old lady steal some flowers.
1. What underwear color, it should be brown, jk, that's gross. it should be striped or polka dots, or we could just draw the whole world map.
3. Mind palace. Hi. I learned this shit from drama.
6. The world is an ocean. we are at the bottom, we are deep sea fish. And I think of the ocean as a giant pudding.
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